Kindness & Respect for Animals

Many choose a vegan, vegetarian or plant-based lifestyle primarily for their passion for animals. Anyone who has had a dog, cat, bird or non–traditional pet (cow, sheep, goat, etc.) knows that they communicate with each other and with humans. Some believe it is ironic and hypocritical of us to condemn China and other countries for rounding up wild and unwanted pet dogs for food while we are willing to drag newborn calves away from their mothers at a day old with both mother and baby bellowing for hours and mourning for days, to satisfy our desire, not need, to consume the cows’ milk. No other species drinks the milk of another species except in desperate life or death situations.

There are two excellent non-profit organizations that educate and help prevent animal cruelty and abuse. Compassion Over Killing,  has been working to end animal abuse since 1995. They expose cruelty to farmed animals and promote vegetarian eating a way to build a kinder world.  The non-profit organization Mercy for Animals  through its undercover investigations, has contributed immensely to the welfare of animals that endure unspeakable torture at factory farms. In addition to promoting veganism, Mercy for Animals’ members have exposed the cruelty and secured media attention to slowly secure some of the needed changes on factory farms. Some of the changes made or in process: ending the intensive confinement of baby calves in veal crates, pregnant pigs in gestation crates, and egg-laying hens in battery cages.  A word of caution before you visit one of the above sites, the content can be graphic and disturbing.

It has been estimated that if all people around the world ate as much meat as we do in the United States, that we would need 8 plant earths just to raise the livestock. It is simply not sustainable!

Your contribution to the animal kingdom by changing to a plant-based, healthy vegan diet:

  1. Reduce the need for animal slaughter by 279 lbs. of animal flesh per year per person
    (USA’s average per person consumption of food animals, the second only to Luxembourg out of 169 countries)
  2. Save the lives and the torture of countless animals
  3. Over 6 billion male chicks are ground up alive in the egg laying industry each year world-wide.
  4. Set a humane example for your family and future generations