One-on-one Coaching


In person, over the phone or via Skype

The initial consultation and explanation of services, up to 15 minutes, is free. If you and Plant-Based Lifestyle decide that additional services are appropriate, you will receive a food and health questionnaire that must be completed prior to our work together.


Plant-Based Fast-Track (weight loss and/or health)


Struggle no more! These “PB Fast-Tracks” are offered to those who are serious about improving their health. You may have struggled your entire life with weight problems. Or, you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease and told you should change your diet. Too many people struggle their entire lives to find some “diet” that works for them. Yes, “diets” can work for a couple weeks until you get bored or simply fall off the wagon. We do not advocate a “diet”, we help you to change your way of eating for the rest of your life. You CAN eat more, weigh less, and/or prevent or reverse chronic disease. You will see, taste and learn how to quickly and easily change to a Plant-Based way of eating. No calorie counting or weighing of food!

In Person Introductory Sessions – offered periodically, free of charge, space is limited

Groups – Day or evening groups available. Call or e-mail for upcoming dates. These classes are very popular and limited in the number of attendees to encourage interaction and participation. We suggest registering early. Some Groups are conducted over the internet and others are in-person. Groups start on the first of each month. In-person groups meet once a week for four weeks. $50 per month over the internet, $75 per month in-person.

Full-Day Intensives – These classes are held in-person, usually on a Friday or Saturday. The day includes:

  • A review of the information you provide us on questionnaires we send you in advance
  • Cooking demos
  • Three meals and snacks with recipes.
  • An easy meal plan to help you get off to a fast start. The plan takes minimal prep time for busy adults.
  • A private coaching session that will help assure your success. The majority of overweight people have tried and failed many times to lose their extra pounds. We want you to experience permanent weight loss. Clients’ health often improves quickly and requires a reduction or elimination of prescription medications.Clients with health issues are advised to seek the guidance of their physicians for changes in needed medications as your health improves.
  • Handouts will reinforce the information and guide you going forward with your new Plant-Based Lifestyle.
  • Once a week follow-up for four weeks following the Full-Day Intensive to answer questions and assure you get results.

$595 per person (private)       $495 per person (in groups of 4)

Contact us directly to attend a Full-Day Intensive. A 5% discount for couples.


Webinars & Food Demos

From time-to-time we offer additional services. Notices about upcoming events and new services are sent to our newsletter list via e-mail, posted to Plant-Based Lifestyle’s Facebook page and on this website. The food demos allow you to taste and see how a dish is prepared. It may remove your hesitancy to try a new recipe or purchase a new appliance. Tasting a recipe prior to making a big batch of your own, only to discard it later, saves money and time.


Restaurants – Healthy menu and recipe development and consulting

The expansion of vegan restaurants is on the rise (see links below) and we can help you capture this fast growing market. More and more health conscious people are eating at home, not because they necessarily want to, but because restaurants are not meeting their needs for healthy and tasty menu items. Expand your customer service by including healthy menu items. If you are a restaurant owner or manager, we can help you get this target market coming to your restaurant and promote your restaurant directly to them. Give us a call at 303-980-5567 or send us an e-mail for additional information about services we offer to restaurants or to book an appointment.

Huffington Post –
Google –
Restaurant News –
Fortune –


Speaker Availability

Topics: “Health Crisis or Knowledge Crisis?”, “Eat More, Weigh Less”, “Food – Why Are We Confused?”

Contact us for a topic of interest to your group or organization. Presentations are also available through a Skype connection.


Grocery Store Trips (Colorado only)

Labels can be confusing and different names can refer to the same unhealthy ingredients. Learn about food marketing and how to filter what you see and read. This service, a one and one-half hour session will make your future grocery shopping easier, faster, and less confusing. As a result of this service, you won’t think something is healthy when it is not. You will get a list of staples that every healthy pantry needs to fix wonderful Whole-Foods Plant-Based meals quickly. Signup for our mailing list to get announcements of upcoming shopping trips or contact us directly for private trips or to schedule your own group of 5 or more people.

Private Trip: $125                   Groups of 5-7: $25 per person



By appointment, may be covered by insurance

Contact: Gary Kaake, PsyD at 303-234-0827 or

Dr. Kaake has a general practice in clinical psychology. His services often include working with patients with food and health issues. For thirty years he has helped patients struggling with weight, eating disorders, physical & mental disabilities and self-image. He is often referred new patients by physicians and psychiatrists. Surgeons send patients to him when the patient is considering gastric by-pass surgery for weight loss. Dr. Kaake has a kind and considerate personal approach.

Note: Special pricing available for groups and low-income individuals


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