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We cannot help but notice all the overweight and obese adults and children in our society today.  In a twist of irony, we seem to be comforted by the statistics and seeing that others are heavier than we are.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the sad fact is that 69% of USA’s adults in 2011-12 were overweight or obese.  Many, like me, have tried every fad diet, pill and program in an effort to turn back the scale. Others have become eating disordered, had gastric by-pass surgery or injured their metabolism in their efforts to get weight off.  Interestingly, the answer to getting to a healthy weight and staying there has been known for over thirty years.

Diets Don’t Work!

Most know or have experienced the fact that diets do not work long term. Yes, you can lose a few pounds here and there and maybe even a lot of weight short-term. Sadly, 95% of those that lose weight on these fad diets gain it back plus more within five years.  And, 40% gain more than they lost. Medical doctors and psychologists know that fad diets like Atkins, Paleo, Wheat Belly, and the multitude of others are not the answer.  If you are serious about losing weight and becoming healthier, you MUST change your eating habits long-term. The healthiest and most sustainable way of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is by eating whole-foods plant-based.  This means eliminating all meat, dairy and eggs and highly processed food.  Although it may sound difficult or strange at first, it is much easier than you think. The proven benefit is that you will lose the weight you need to lose more quickly than you thought possible, and maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime. The added bonus is a healthier and more active life well into your senior years.  And, like I did, you will reduce or eliminate most chronic diseases as well.

Restaurants Getting Better

More and more restaurants are catering to this new and very fast growing movement to eating healthier and are adding vegan, vegetarian and Whole-Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) items to their menus. Chipotle introduced their Sofrita options in February of 2014. Sofritas are made with wonderfully seasoned organic tofu.  It is available in Chipotle’s burrito, bowl, salad or taco. Chipotle did a promotion to get more people to try their Sofritas in February 2015. If you came into a Chipotle on one particular day and ordered a Sofrita you would get a free Sofrita later that month.  My husband and I, both took full advantage of the opportunity. We love the Sofritas. My husband gets the burrito loaded with all vegan options and adds guacamole. Personally, I am working on losing the last 10-15 pounds from my 5’1” frame. Therefore, I enjoy the Sofrita salad which totally satisfies my appetite.  The promotion was successful beyond Chipotle’s wildest imagination! Almost every Chipotle across the country ran out of Sofritas.  This product has been so successful that one chef has created a recipe that closely resembles Sofritas that you can make at home.

The number of new vegan restaurants is exploding along with the public’s interest in eating healthy. One website I use regularly is www.happycow.net. Happy Cow lists vegan and vegetarian restaurants by city, state, or country. They also provide reviews, maps and a phone app as well. Some traditional restaurants and fast-food places are beginning to add healthy vegan options as well. Some restaurants, like McDonald’s are not keeping pace. McDonald’s is struggling to change their image as a junk food mecca. McD’s customer base and their profitability dropped drastically in the past year. Meanwhile, other restaurants like Burger King and Subway now offer veggie burgers. Even Good Times added a very tasty portabella mushroom burger.

Diets work temporarily

Diets work temporarily

Advantages to Eating at Home

Although eating out is convenient, it is also expensive and not the most healthy, even if you choose well from the menu. Therefore, more and more people are choosing to cook nutritious plant-based meals at home. It does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. And, by preparing your family’s food at home you are almost certain to drop the extra weight easily…once you learn to cook the healthy vegan/Whole-Foods Plant-Based way of eating. Cooking at home also allows you to control the variety and the amount of salt, oil, and sugar (SOS) that is added or not added to your food. These three ingredients (SOS) are widely and excessively used in restaurants and are not contributors to weight loss or optimum health.

Looking to lose some weight or a lot of weight?  Then, consider exploring a Whole-Foods Plant-Based “way of eating” (WOE) with us. We offer classes and one-on-one coaching in person, over the phone, or with online web meetings. We assure you, you WILL get results without feeling so deprived or hungry. The real reward is how effortlessly the weight drops to a normal BMI.

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