“A former teacher and now a stay at home mom, I have always struggled with weight and allergies (soy is one of my allergies). Bonnie has helped me understand how by reducing the amount of meat, sugar, oil and dairy in my diet, I can lose weight and not feel hungry. With her individualized guidance and the recipes she has sent me, I am cooking much healthier for my family and getting rave reviews from my book club and my boys 2 and 5. Who would have thought you could actually make scrumptious moist chocolate-zucchini muffins without milk, oil or eggs?”

- Dena A. – Delaware, Ohio

“I have always been a big meat eater, especially pork. I am now a retired U.S. Army M.P. in my 50s. My life was put on hold with a cancer diagnosis. After undergoing chemotherapy, I was weak and feeling tired all of the time. Dr. Gary and Bonnie Kaake encouraged me to try a plant-based diet. In only two weeks I easily lost the extra 20 pounds I carried, I am feeling great, and recovering faster than even my oncologist had anticipated. I am looking forward to the “OK” to get outside and begin running again. I will never go back to eating meat and dairy. I now value my health more than ever.”

- John O. – San Juan, Puerto Rico